J Ronald Nazaire | CEO of Nazaire Group Inc Garden City, New York

Nazaire Group was founded in 2011 by business-owner and entrepreneur J Ronald Nazaire. Established as a parent company for his many businesses, Nazaire Group was not created overnight, and in fact, dates back all the way to 1997 with the founding of Nazaire & Co. Educated by the New York City school system, Ronald Nazaire had always been a business-minded individual since paying his way through university at the New York Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. After graduating, Ronald Nazaire pursued his MBA with a focus in Taxation, eventually finding himself working as an accounting in the city. However, it was never Nazaire’s goal to work for someone else and soon left to establish a business of his own.

Using his knowledge in accounting and tax preparation, Ronald Nazaire founded Nazaire & Co., an accounting and consulting firm dedicated to assisting small to medium sized businesses, as well as individuals in achieving financial stability. It was at this point that Ronald Nazaire recognized that this specific market required the same services as many larger-scale companies and began to expand into other industries. That included IT management, payroll, commercial and residential real estate, and digital marketing.

As someone that jumps into products with the upmost sense of professionalism and determination, Ronald Nazaire studies everything there is to know about his respective fields of business. In addition to receiving his series 6 and 65, which allows him to sell mutual funds, variable annuities, and unit investment trusts, Ronald Nazaire is also a certified Google AdWords specialist. This has provided him with the necessary tools for effectively servicing his wide range of clients.

Ronald Nazaire continued to expand his business practices into new avenues, realizing the need to consolidate of all his companies, which lead to the formation of Nazaire Group. Under the Nazaire Group umbrella is accounting and consulting firm Nazaire & Co., the tax preparation firm Tax Experts, payroll provider Nazpay, residential real estate firm Belle Maison Realty, IT management firm PowerWiz, and digital marketing agency Target Points, just to name a few. Bringing these various businesses under one parent company allows them to operate autonomously while simultaneously sharing resources and services between their respective clients.

As these businesses continue to grow and more are added to Nazaire Group, the parent company will find more innovative ways to service individuals as well as the small to medium sized business owner demographic.