Letter from the CEO

Dear Valued Customers,
Our firm has been serving the community since 1995. We strive to provide insightful guidance and exceptional services to our clients. As business and tax advisers, it is our duty to be available and willing to provide innovative strategies and candid financial advice to help you achieve your goals. For several years, our clients have come to us seeking help implementing strategies and developing a plan to build and grow their businesses. I established Nazaire Group, Inc. and its group of affiliate companies to provide an integrated plan to individuals and businesses. Our companies provide a variety of services from accounting, tax and advisory business to website development.

We have recruited some of the most highly trained professionals and with a wide range of expertise to provide our clients with efficient, fast and accurate services. Nazaire Group, Inc. will guide you in your current and future endeavors. Our team specializes in a wide variety of areas including accounting, tax preparation, real estate, and marketing among others. They are always available to assist you with your inquiries. Our clients are our priority and your success is our success, so contact us today and we promise you that you will not regret it.

It is my pleasure to able to bring you this opportunity, so don’t let it pass you by! Be the creator of your own destiny while enjoying more of your time and money. You only owe this much to yourself.


J. Ronald Nazaire

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